Bob Rayburn, PO Box 97104, Tacoma WA 98497. 
Please email to verify that your choice is still available. I will reserve your selection for one week, and ship it to your dealer on receipt of his Federal Firearms License and your cashier's check.

SHIPPING: Please include $25 for UPS or FedEx air shipment.

ABOUT CONDITION: In the top condition ranges of a collectible gun, one or two percentage points in the original blue can make 100% or more difference in the value. I rate conservatively, and often find that my 95% is someone else's 98 or 99%. When I say a gun is 100% (or NIB) that means absolutely as new in every way, with no blue wear, "box marks" or imperfections whatsoever.

Whether buying or selling, I believe that anything less than 100% (if other than normal blue wear) requires more of a description than just a percentage. A gun that is 98% blue and 2% honest wear is much preferable to one that is 98% blue and 2% rust, pitting, or abuse!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All items sold by me personally are guaranteed to be as described, and you are the final judge. If not satisfied, return the merchandise in the same condition received for full refund, no questions asked! Call first, and ship it back to me within 3 days. Your refund will be mailed within 24 hours of receipt. For items listed here on behalf of other owners all arrangements, finances, guarantees, etc., are strictly between the buyer and the seller, and I am not responsible for any misrepresentation or misunderstanding.

WANTED: I will pay premium prices for pre-WWII .22 caliber Colt Autos in new condition; factory engraved, experimental, special order, military, King customized, or other unusual Woodsmans; Colt or King catalogs or papers; Woodsman boxes, accessories, old advertisements, memorabilia, or other items for my personal collection. If you have items that you may want to sell me for my personal collection, send me email.


For more details, click here to see my "Wanted" list.

Colt Woodsman Pistols for Sale

Nothing for sale presently.

If you need parts, check here for a large selection of parts for the Pre-Woodsman, Woodsman, Huntsman, Targetsman, and Match Target. Available parts include barrels, grips, springs, slides, sights, triggers, sears, etc.

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Last updated on June 13, 2009