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Ref #Year Mfg.SeriesModelS.N.ConditionBarrelBox
3-2219763HuntsmanS100549SAs New6"No
Double S Huntsman: In 1969 Colt restarted serial numbers with a 00 prefix, at 001001S. That serial number series reached 099999S in 1976, then passed 100000S and reached 101336S before it was noticed that numbers used in 1952 were being duplicated. In order to salvage the 1336 guns already numbered past 100000S, they were hand stamped with an S prefix, in addition to the suffix, thereby creating the "Double S" variation. All KNOWN examples are Huntsmans. (Thanks to Ed Brink, in his Colt Rimfire Automatic Pistols, for the "Double S" information.)
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